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Immerse yourself in the awakening madness. Provoke all your beliefs.

I suppose I should describe what my book is about and try to convince you to give it a chance, but as my beloved Sting would say – that is not the shape of my heart.

So instead, I will share with you what this book is with numbers. One: Angels Are Hard to Love is:
2 years of facing insecurities and self-growth
24 months of pushing myself
8 760 days living with the story
210 240 hours of learning to believe in me
12 614 000 minutes of not giving up
20 000 000 taps on the keyboard, and that’s an approximate calculation 🙂
Yes, the keyboard still works, and we are now in an emotional relationship.

And most importantly – the book is also my ONE – my unique number that actually has a name. My ONE and only, who gave me 12 614 000 minutes of understanding and patience. The ONE who gave me 20 million times the “being supportive” and “being there for me” attitude. Today wouldn’t happen without you.

One: Angels Are Hard to Love is the first book in the Awakening Madness series, and it might be for you if you are into out-of-the-box stories, self-discovery, non-casual dark romances, and strong female lead.

If you want to give a chance to a debuting Eastern European writer to provoke you, Chapter One is free to read and the book release is on August 15th.

My best to you,


Read Chapter One Pre-order: Amazon US
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