Hi and welcome to my reality.

I’m Kristin, an unromantic soul searching for balance in this burned-out life. My lack of sleep and the madness of 2021 awakened me. They gave me the urge to write. In this, I found my shelter from all the anxiety and self-doubts of the crazy world and crazy relationships, in which I have always been a misfit. I spent the last year writing my first book from the Awakening Madness Series.

ONE: ANGELS ARE HARD TO LOVE is my dark contemporary romance for strong women. I did my best to excite, inspire and surprise everyone who has ever felt lost.

One: Angels are Hard to Love will be published soon. Until then, in my blog, you will find my protagonist Nia’s broken thoughts about life, love, sex, relationships and everything that concerns her brilliant mind. Sharp, sensual, explicit.

Perhaps she is the only literary character who has her own blog and can communicate with the readers outside the book itself. Those blog posts are not part of the book. They are just a way to get familiar with her and her honest thoughts on life and her life experience.

Just grab a glass of wine, relax, and enjoy Nia’s observations and conclusions about the general reality. Meanwhile, I will keep writing in the non-judgmental company of my two adopted dogs – Asia and Mimi.

KristinKay author dark romance book