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The Awakening Madness Series

Series that will take you on a dark awakening journey. Deep in Eastern Europe, you will actually travel to your inner self, down the secrets of the human soul, through the darkness of consciousness and emotions.

In this brutally honest non fairy tale, you will encounter voices. Images that will appear strange at first, but then, all of a sudden, you will recognise the entities from your own mind. Those who whisper in the dark.

You will recognise savage Fear, feeb le Confidence, ever muttering Reason, dangerous Desire. The Monster will feel familiar, too your own Monster that always spits venom, reminding that something is not meant for you, or that you are not good enough to get it. You will also meet Love, although in this case, she is the Beast.

The entities in protagonist Nia’s brilliant mind are actually your own. Victor’s demons are the same as yours. Nia and Victor are diametrically different and at the same time, they are alike. In their distinctive, challenging way, they will tell you a story about seeking, loosing and finding oneself. A story about Love and madness.

The series wouldn’t promise you a happy ending. However, it promises that you will cry and laugh at the same time, flip quickly from one page to another, feel shivers over your skin, sight deeply, swallow your own beliefs, shift your own limitations.

The unusual storyline will excite and engulf you, take you to a distant reality where nothing is what you expect. The Awakening Madness series will tell you the story of a woman who is wondering who she is, a man who is fighting with himself and of both of them struggling to find their way.

A strange fate will begin on the count of ONE. Are you ready to follow?

Awakening Madness Series Book 1


Can rough love be victorious amidst the madness, the aspiration for power and revenge? Why is it hard to love an angel, and is it possible that one’s only saviour could be one’s scariest damnation as well?

The madness in Victor and Nia’s life is awakening. It makes us wonder if some of the people’s most accepted patterns are actually absurd. In their reality, normal and abnormal change places many times, and normal is not what you believe it to be.

This is a story about the peculiar love between two brilliant people who don’t understand feelings in a conventional way. In oddball Nia’s head, emotions take the form of entities she constantly communicates with, while for maniac Victor, emotions are demons able to destroy. And yet, Victor and Nia are not that different from each other.

Stuck in a post-communist European society, where the chances of a good life are negligible, Nia’s brilliance always makes her an outcast. She provokes the interest of none other than Victor Kaov, a shady businessman and the new president of their small eastern European country. Devoid of any empathy, his psyche is driven mad by Nia’s beautiful mind.

Nia gets involved in the dirtiness of business, in elite’s fakeness and political mafia games, and she is about to learn what destructive passion and toxic clinging mean in love relationships. The mistakes of Victor’s gloomy past follow him, and he gets caught in a devastating battle between himself and his only desire. His demons torture him, but will they drag the best or the worst out of him? Who is he, after all?

Nia is about to find out all about his darkness and her own. Then, they both will have to face the most challenging fight – the one for saving themselves.

Join Nia and Victor’s chaos in their immersive journey of madness. Their dark story will provoke you to question the meaning of your own life, beliefs and fears. 

Sharp. Sensuals. Explicit.

Sneak Peek


I always counted something: tiles, stairs, steps – five with my left foot, five with the right one. I created my reality-escaping rhythm. While I was doing my best not to fit in this world, I bumped into madness that resembled my own. It was even worse than mine.

Over the years, I managed to train my Monster to chew slowly. I stuffed every disappointment, bitterness, and disgust provoked by general reality and my own personality into its mouth. That way, I didn’t have to feel any of it. The Monster, in turn, forced me to first look behind my barrier, then to create distance, then to be rude to life and people. The entities in my head were better company. I often reminded myself that I would never fit in with general reality and its standards of what was normal. Eventually, I didn’t even want to anymore. Before I knew what was happening, I was doing my best not to fit in.

VictorKaov shattered this attitude. At some perverted moment, I wished things to be different. I even allowed myself to twist and bend to become someone suitable for him and his normality. With his sick mind, he had created an exceptional pattern for himself: strict order, women who were trained to be shadows, firm communication, perfect proportions.

I slipped in the direction of contorting myself to fit into his ideals. I skillfully ignored the facts, closed my eyes to what was obvious, and eventually crashed head-on into the consequences. Or maybe the consequences crashed head-on into me?

I had to urgently learn how to choose myself before anyone else. It was time to save myself.


My head was on the verge of exploding because of her and her madness. In my real world, I would usually solve every problem in a completely different manner. I would get what I wanted. However, I had to be someone else for three years, four months and 26 days longer. I had to stick to my carefully crafted personality. I clutched the armchair, trying to fight my obsession. My demons were torturing me. So was my mania.

I could bring her by force. She has been mine for so long; she just doesn’t know that. Her voice echoed through my head once again. The sound creates a perfect vibration in my cells. It tames me. It saves me even from myself when I need salvation the most. All my life, but not now. Not without her in my arms. She drives me crazy. She destroys me, and there’s nothing left behind when she’s gone.

Nia broke into my mind again; it was as if she was kneeling before me. My fingers squeezed her messy hair. Her smell suffocated me. She always smelled of goddamn gummy bears. I was absorbed by the scent of candies and her skin. Her tiny hands clutched my wrists. She couldn’t even encompass them, yet her fingers were more than chains. I was addicted to her touch. So obsessed. So dependent. She wanted me in her primitive way. The same as mine. Unrestrained, sincere, pure, no restrictions and no taboos – just the demon of Lust.

Now there is only one possible salvation for me and my soul. My twisted reality, however, is no place for love, nor for adoration, nor for the madness or whatever it was that was pounding in my chest. I had to comply with her request. My fear prevailed. Is there anything else I fear other than those 48 kilos of madness?


Тhis madness is going to destroy them in the end.

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Angels’ team reviews