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Rephrasing the sentences - blog


I am already sure that people experience one particular moment at some stage in their lives. It is the same for everyone with just a distinct context. This is the moment for a change, the moment of realising the change is needed.

The happiness trap


People’s obsession with happiness is getting even more bizarre. I’ve been observing it for a while, and I find it absurd. They treat happiness as if it’s underwear or maybe a sock. They pull it out of a drawer in the morning, wear it all day like a pair of comfy cotton panties, and when they get back home, they just throw the happiness in the laundry basket. Then they start all over again. Like some maniacs.

cheers to new beginnings


I have been observing an intriguing phenomenon that is pretty curious to me. Sometimes people realise that they deserve or can do more, or just feel the need to change their lives. Yet, even though they admit this need, they often fail to satisfy it right away. Instead, they draw some kind of a demarcation line that points to their New Beginnings.

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