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I am already sure that people experience one particular moment at some stage in their lives. It is the same for everyone with just a distinct context. This is the moment for a change, the moment of realising the change is needed. 

It might be a small one, like removing a bad habit, or it might be massive, like changing the job, country, partner, or even life perceptions. However, this desire is often neglected with arguments such as “It’s not the time”, “I am not ready yet”, “It just cannot happen”, or even worse – “It’s not meant for me”. Those actually aren’t arguments, but they are considered as ones. 

It’s a common problem, but actually, the solution is quite easy. People just need to construct more complete sentences and learn to repeat them whenever they have doubts. Like always, logic resolves all problems, and it’s a pity people often avoid it. So perhaps they should also practice logic more often when making decisions. But, again, the one here is quite simple.

If it wasn’t the time, you wouldn’t be considering that change.
If you weren’t ready, you wouldn’t be detecting the need for that change right now.
If it was impossible, you wouldn’t be able to see yourself in this new life.
If it wasn’t meant for you, it wouldn’t be your dream..

Those typical doubts and self-limitations are considered normal, and as I observe them, I mostly believe they result from the faulty patterns around us. Perhaps they start in childhood, and unfortunately, they also come from the environment around us. 

As an Eastern European, I was often told what I could not do, what was impossible to be achieved and what I shouldn’t be dreaming of. I’ve been convinced of my personal limits, even trapped in believing that I don’t deserve my chance for something more and I will never get it. Then, of course, logic helped me.

However, recently I realised that the only challenge is finding a way to rephrase the sentences stuck in your head. Hard or not, this is the first step to getting your chance for something more, and you should start there. Even though it is challenging, logic always helps, and you have to rely on it and keep rephrasing.

There is only one thing I still observe and haven’t understood yet – why people are not doing it straight away? Why do they keep those beliefs, avoid logic and don’t rephrase their limiting sentences? I know they would answer, “it’s normal to be like that” and for now, this remains one of the many paradoxes I have not resolved. I hope that soon I will start meeting people who believe that the normal is the other way.

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